Our Story

    CBI is owned by the Stiles family, which migrated from Arkansas in 1933 to begin farming in California. Strong roots, ideals and opportunity enabled the family to take advantage of a simple yet powerful concept– Hard work works and our “handshake is our word” mentality to every relationship for all businesses including corporate, healthcare, education and government.

    CBI’s holistic approach begins with a thorough understanding of your business strategy and direction from how work gets done, how space is utilized, and how employees interact within their workspace – To integrating the latest workplace trends and best practices. We create workspaces that energize organizations, complement architecture, adapt to changes in technology, and most importantly, reinforce your business objectives.

    For over three decades we’ve been driven to provide timely and effective solutions for businesses like yours and why we can promise that no one can finish the job like we can. All of us at CBI are dedicated to making your space and experience something we can all be proud of.