Research has shown that humans with a connection to nature generally achieve a stronger state of well-being. By incorporating biophilic elements into your workspace, like indoor plants and nature-inspired materials, they can help reduce stress while improving learning, healing, and worker productivity.

More and more companies are integrating biophilic design into their workspace to significantly impact the occupants’ well-being. Below are a few ways to achieve this:

Furniture materials can include real wood veneers, solid wood tables and chairs. Laminate finishes mimicking natural wood patterns will provide warmth and contrast the cool tones of any other surface materials in the space. Select nature-inspired textiles by fiber types, colors, and patterns.

Interior wall and ceiling applications with real wood, and wood slats of varying colors and patterns, provide access to natural materials and patterns contributing to the feeling of well-being. Sound-absorbing ceiling pendants shaped like natural elements and sound-absorbing nature-inspired graphic prints can also help to achieve this benefit.

Access to windows provide natural light, views of the outdoors, and additional warmth when the sun is shining through. Exposure to natural light throughout the day helps support natural circadian rhythms, which in turn can support healthy sleep and mood.

Simple, organic, and sophisticated floral arrangements, plants and green walls featured throughout a workspace adds boosts of color and provides additional connections to nature.

Allsteel shares their insights in this video “The Evolving Workplace: Well-being”

Inspirational Biophilic Elements:

Allsteel Beyond with wood slats, Park Planter, Zilenizo Delta Ceiling

Allsteel FIT System

Allsteel Terrace System, Harvest table, Park Planter

Allsteel Park Planter, Allsteel Beyond

Allsteel Two-Thirds pouf

Allsteel Beyond and Delta Cloudz

HBF Textiles

Zilenzio Zorla

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