When designing workspaces, having the opportunity to see and feel the products in person—and visualize new ideas you haven’t considered before—can make all the difference to ensure a successful project. Come check out CBI’s new showroom in Newport Beach, which opens on March 16. Curious about what’s there? Here are a few highlights:

Wide Variety of Products & Applications

Our new showroom features products from our leading manufacturers, including Allsteel, Gunlocke, HBF, Humanscale, National, and DIRTT. You’ll see a variety of new collaborative meeting spaces, private offices with unique features, new ways to use furniture as a space division, and a state-of-the-art healthcare patient/exam room.

New Colors & Textures

Today’s corporate designs have evolved. You’ll see new workspace products including finishes with a more refined texture, warmer colors, muted jewel tones, different materials, and more wood tones.

Different Workstation Sizes and Layouts

CBI’s new showroom also highlights a variety of workstation sizes and layouts, including options for 6×6, 6×7 and 6×8 workstations.

Every client is different, and many are moving from 8×8 workstations to smaller sizes to accommodate more people in less space. Clients will be able to experience each workstation size to feel the difference.

Creative Inspiration

Workspace trends continue to evolve, that’s why CBI brings you the latest in furniture & design solutions into its 10,000 SF showroom. It’s far better than looking at a brochure or an online visual. When you experience this in person, you’ll gain some creative inspiration, be able to feel the difference, and Imagine Next…

The showroom is laid out in an open concept, so you can meander through and see what catches your eye. By seeing and experiencing the furniture solutions in person—and seeing them work together in suggested workspaces—you can make a more confident purchase.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas in 2020 for your next workspace refresh or design project, contact your CBI account representative to schedule a visit to our all-new CBI showroom.