According to many psychology experts, good listening is the key to developing fresh insights and successful ideas. That’s why, when approaching any new project, our CBI team places a high value on listening and asking questions—something not every firm does.

Why is this important?

It prompts important discussions.
Active listening during project kickoff helps to prompt vital questions and challenge assumptions, which helps various aspects come to the surface. Many times, we can cover intricacies that haven’t been discussed yet, and help resolve important items more efficiently.

It creates two-way dialog.
Productive listening is all about creating meaningful conversations. And this requires asking questions that generate new ways of thinking, challenge assumptions, and fuel transformative change. A lot of our work at CBI is about asking questions, especially at the beginning stages. By listening, absorbing and posing questions that move the conversation further, we move close to solving business problems and creating solutions tailored for success.

It elevates creativity.
Sometimes during project kickoff, the workspace vision is 80% defined. Other times, the vision is just beginning to take shape. Regardless of what stage the project is at, having a comprehensive discussion before the work begins can elevate the conversation. Listening and asking questions at that point is extremely valuable because we can help clarify the vision and bring additional insights about things that may not have been considered.

It eliminates challenges in advance.
After 39 years in business, CBI brings a lot of experience and expertise to the table. This real-world experience can go a long way in steering projects in the right direction. Remember, if the final installation doesn’t meet everyone’s expectations—the entire project suffers. Our value to the project team is to ensure there are no gaps in the plan, provide due diligence and ultimately deliver the client’s vision.

It gathers input from all.
When facilitating discussions with a multi-faceted team—including the various client representatives, the design firm, broker and general contractor—there are many concerns and priorities to consider, and everyone’s perspective matters. By actively listening and asking the right questions, we can ensure that everyone’s voice is heard—and that the client’s perspective is never overshadowed.

CBI puts a high value on listening first and talking later. We have mastered the art of good listening – to the benefit of all. To learn more, check out our video or contact us today.