Inari Medical sought to convert a warehouse into 140,000 square feet of new office space, R&D labs, and manufacturing areas, to accommodate employees from two different locations. CBI worked with Allsteel and the HNI family of brands, numerous other manufacturers, and more than 68 different textiles and finish materials to create the ideal workplace, which included clean rooms that had to meet strict health and safety requirements. It was a highly complex project, the work progressed over 21 months (and four major phases)—while our teams carefully managed timelines during the global supply chain challenge to avoid impacting manufacturing and work schedules.

Inari’s finished site checked all the boxes: It has individual workstations for all employees (no private offices), multiple options for collaborative workspaces to encourage communication and transparency, outdoor patios, shower facilities, and more. Best yet, it is an employee-focused environment that was built on Inari’s distinctive company culture.

Architecture & Design by SAA