Products: Allsteel, Gunlocke

With much of the working space dedicated to open workstations, the design of the new office included plenty of places where employees could get away for some quiet time or more intimate conversations. These “comfort rooms” are smaller than an office, but provide users with a reprieve from the busy office environment.

Another well-liked change was the inclusion of a drop-in conference room. While other conference rooms can be reserved, keeping one non-reservable allows for flexibility as events arise. Additionally, a collaboration room outfitted with a whiteboard wall, large monitor and two translucent glass walls allows teams to meet and brainstorm, freeing up the conference rooms for more vendor-facing work.

“I would say, hands down, the most frequent request was stand-up desks, that was really important to a lot of people. The frequency of the requests for stand-up desks was a little bit of a surprise”