Medical Office Building interiors built with 100% prefabricated DIRTT walls and electrical. Scope included (67) exam rooms, (57) provider offices, all collaboration areas, and bathrooms.

This pilot project sought to explore how a complete Medical Office Building (MOB) could be built using DIRTT prefabricated construction, and how it compared to a conventionally built project’s cost, duration and long-term flexibility. This progressive client had used prefabricated interior construction prior to this pilot project for provider offices and collaboration areas, but exam rooms including negative pressure rooms and procedure rooms were added to the scope of this project. The DIRTT scope was built in under 6 months, which supported the construction team’s effort to complete the project in just 10 months. Project costs were comparable to perceived conventional cost; however, long-term flexibility is an inherent benefit to the DIRTT solution, so long-term costs were significantly less. This pilot project’s success was enough for this client to proceed with other complete MOB buildouts as part of their long term program.