Furniture Products:
Allsteel, Gunlocke & Humanscale

The furniture portion included (15) private offices and conference rooms.

Prefab Construction Products & Details:

  • DIRTT Clerestory Stack Walls including various integrated finishes: 3form resin tiles, writeable glass tiles, tackable fabric tiles & custom graphics printed directly onto DIRTT tiles.
  • DIRTT Framed sliding barn doors, with ADA compliant Lifelock locking hardware.
  • DIRTT ‘Antler’ integrated furniture support system. Allsteel furniture supported on DIRTT walls throughout the space.
  • DIRTT Modular Zone Power Distribution system. Zone boxes, junction boxes & receptacles all “plug and play” allowing for rapid installation and future flexibility.
  • DIRTT Solid Walls pre-insulated & pre-finished.
  • DIRTT Custom pre-fabricated interior construction allowed for an accelerated construction schedule and a superior fit and finish.