Products: Allsteel and Gunlocke

The first floor features an open-office layout to promote organic collaboration with options for work and meeting spaces: collaborative zones include white boards and HDTVs for on-demand meetings; huddle and small conference rooms allow for solo or team work away from the rest of the office; a naturally sunlit, multi-functional cafe gives employees space to interact or unwind with a ping-pong table, HDTVs, and windows that open to the shared courtyard and sand volleyball court. Each employee was also given a sit-stand desk and the furniture in one of the training rooms can be quickly rolled out of the way to make space for Yoga to promote wellness.

The second floor houses management and client-facing staff with single offices, and enclosed workspaces and conference rooms. However, leadership are also found sharing the benching systems on the first floor with employees, breaking down physical and social barriers between staff and management.

“The culture is now sparkling. The space is allowing the company culture to blossom.”