Products: 50+ Vendors

The home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic is one of the most acoustically sophisticated concert halls in the world. A diverse and intricate blend of the concert hall components and other requirements such as dressing rooms, first-aid rooms, the Founder’s Room, kitchen appliances, work benches, electrical tools, music stands. Locating and ordering products that met the specs for this enormous job was just the beginning. We coordinated with our 50+ vendors to ensure that all the puzzle pieces of delivery, staging, warehousing and installation came together on schedule. When the hall was complete, the orchestra gave a performance especially for those who collaborated to bring the project to life. The performance – and the products – were perfect down to the last note.

“It was a monster project, extremely challenging because of the number of vendors and phone calls and deals that had to be made. We needed a vendor that could buy everything we specified. CBI performed beyond all expectations.”

Reginald Head, Langdon Wilson Architecture, Panning and Interiors.